This year’s Embedded World exhibition & conference has concluded. Felgo attended as Qt Technology Partner at the Qt booth.

Visitors were able to put their hands on one of our hottest new features: QML Hot Reload (pun intended!). Here’s a quick video of the demo right at the booth:

Short live demo of QML Hot Reload at the booth.


Hot Reload with Felgo Live allows you to change your QML & JavaScript source code and view the result in realtime. It applies QML, JavaScript and asset changes instantly on every connected device, on any platform, including embedded. This reduces the long waiting times for build and deployment steps to only a couple of seconds. 

Hot Reload applies changes in your source code without losing the state of your application. If you are currently working on a sub-page, you will not have to navigate back to it after every change, you will stay exactly where you are in your app.

Stay tuned for the upcoming official announcement of QML Hot Reload with Felgo Live, as part of the upcoming Felgo 3.4.0 update!


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The Felgo booth – thank you for stopping by!


The Coronavirus, that just started to spread in northern Italy the week before the show, had a significant impact on the event. Some major exhibitors were missing, and attendance was also significantly down compared to 2019.

Even though the show was smaller than the last few years, it was great to connect & network with our customers, partners and many new people! We’re looking forward to having more conversations in the coming weeks & months on how to support developers with the latest technologies around Felgo, Qt & embedded systems development.

Test the new features now in the Felgo SDK. Download for free today!