The Qt World Summit 2023 in Berlin was a huge success. After several years of virtual events, we once again had the chance to meet with industry experts and Qt enthusiasts from all around the world. We thus want to share our experiences, discuss the latest advancements, and strengthen our bonds with the Qt community! 

Another Great Qt World Summit in the Books

As a proud Silver Sponsor, Felgo played a key role in setting the summit's atmosphere. The lively Felgo booth was a conference highlight and amazed visitors with unique solutions for the Qt ecosystem.


The summit was a great opportunity to engage with industry leaders, Qt experts, and fellow contributors. We exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and built connections for future collaborations.

We also want to express our utmost gratitude to the Qt Group for the flawless organization. Everyone felt welcome and appreciated throughout the event. The positive energy reminded us of our shared passion and Qt’s potential to shape the future of technology.

On a more personal note, the event allowed the Felgo team to explore Berlin and enjoy the nearby Christmas market. The evenings were spent bonding with colleagues and forging lasting connections that extend beyond professional realms.

QML Hot Reload: Stop waiting for Build, Package and Deployment

At the Felgo booth, we didn't just talk about innovation: we also showed it in action. The live demo of Felgo Hot Reload showed how to instantly apply QML code changes on a remote embedded device. Being able to rapidly develop the user interface of the E-Bike HMI amazed the Qt developers.


The new standalone version of Felgo Hot Reload is available without any dependency to the Felgo SDK. You can add it to any Qt/QML project and keep your existing build setup and workflow.

Visitors also had the opportunity to try QML Hot Reload themselves to experience the benefits firsthand:

  • No Compilation and Deployment: Modify QML and JS code at runtime while keeping the application state intact
  • Edit Properties and Bindings: Change property values or bindings in your code
  • Add JavaScript Logic: Create or edit functions and signal handlers 
  • Modify the QML Tree: Add, remove or change Items in the QML scene
  • On-Screen Debugging: Immediately spot errors on-screen and keep coding 
  • Remote Devices and Parallel Testing: Connect to devices over network and see your code changes applied on all devices at once
  • IDE Independent: Use the Felgo Hot Reload tool along with your favorite IDE
  • QML Module Support: Reload QML code of external submodules your main project integrates

Felgo provides the latest version of QML Hot Reload upon request. Do not hesitate to get in touch and try it for your own project!

Get Felgo Hot Reload

Native App Integration: Seamless Integration with Android and iOS

As a second showcase, the team focused on Felgo Native App Integration. This solution allows embedding Qt/QML views in native Android or iOS apps created with Android Studio or Xcode. It enables developers to mix technologies and use Qt features or native solutions as required. You can choose what’s best for your project and are not limited to a certain technology.


But that’s not all. Felgo also contributed the official Qt World Summit mobile app. Attendees could check the agenda, plan their schedule, and move around the event effortlessly. The community highly appreciated the app as their partner for the conference.

Explore Native App Integration

Let’s Keep the Momentum in 2024

Our time at the summit was filled with great experiences, engaging sessions and warm interactions at the Felgo booth. We extend our gratitude to everyone we had the pleasure to meet, collaborate with, and learn from.


If you are facing a specific challenge or want to collaborate and innovate together, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you on your development journey. Together, we can build successful solutions that will shape the future of Qt in all kinds of industries.

Thank you for a great Qt World Summit 2023 – let's keep the momentum going forward in 2024 and beyond!

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