research2guidance, specialists for mobile developer surveys and cross-platform developer reports, just released one of their biggest report: The Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014

The objective of this benchmarking report is to allow developers to identify the right tool for their app projects. It is the largest, global evaluation of the cross-platform tool market and free to download!

In a nutshell, these are the facts:

  • Based on a survey of 2,188 developers who share their experience
  • Largest evaluation of 40 leading Cross-Platform App Development Tools
  • Detailed comparison of CP Tools along 50 criteria
  • Direct user ratings of e.g. app performance, budgets, support quality
  • Top 10 lists: Best performing tools based on user feedback

The full report has 50 pages, so we summarize it here for you and explain what that means for existing and new Felgo customers…

Felgo in the Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014

We were overwhelmed by the great feedback of Felgo customers who joined the survey: more than 8% of all report respondents chose Felgo as their favorite CP tool!

The key strengths of Felgo put us on the pole position of the Top 10 lists for Time Saved, Simple to Use (Complexity), and Support Satisfaction.

These are the tables in detail:

Top 10 Cross-Platform Tools by Time Savings


69% of all Felgo users realized more than 50% time savings for app or game development! Thanks to QML (the scripting language used in Felgo for rapid development) we can stick to our promise:

cross-platform 2D game development in days

Top 10 Cross-Platform Tools of Lowest Complexity


With 60% stating it is easy to learn Felgo, this highlights the simplicity to learn and master the Felgo API specialized for rapid development of 2D games. Together with our game templates, you can get started quickly and then move on with more complex projects.

Top 10 Developer Satisfaction with Vendor’s Support


This result made us the most proud and happy. 🙂

We are trying to provide you the best support possible, and with such amazing results you have proven we did a few things right.


Although being a smaller company than other big framework providers, your feedback shows the bright future ahead of Felgo and Qt, which also scored very high in the report!

You can download the full report as pdf for free here:
Download Reasearch2guidance Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014

So let’s together spread the word about Felgo and Qt, and about its strengths – sharing is caring, right? 😉