We've collected some feedback of our customers for you. If you would like to write a review of Felgo on a comparison website, but don't quite know what to write, you might get inspired by this list.

Pros / What do you like best?
  • Significantly increased development speed due to out-of-the-box APIs & integrations that allow reusing code across platforms.
  • Create apps that run on multiple platforms & devices with a single code base. 
  • Hot Reload! It only takes a second to reload Qt, QML, and JavaScript code on any of my devices at the same time.
  • Excellent, very well written documentation and examples.
  • The framework is easy to learn, with an extensive documentation & training materials.
  • The easy use of QML with the entirety of Qt and the best C++ libraries as a back-end.
  • Re-using existing JavaScript skills is a big plus. Together with the declarative QML language, development is incredibly fast.
  • Felgo Cloud Builds automates my workflows and saves me time for test and publish builds.
  • The great variety of plugins/extensions/off-the-shelf components offered out-of-the-box (there are more than 200). 
  • The helpful, responsive customer support. In contrast to frameworks like Flutter, you can count on a professional team that can help you out if needed. 
  • The robust performance, number of LoC, number of supported platforms as well as the integrated theming/navigation.
  • Felgo's freely available examples and demos for UI/UX best practices on Mobile, Desktop and Embedded.
  • Superior UI/UX quality, Felgo's focus on app design. For example, it relieves me from having to deal with UI idiosyncrasies on mobile platforms (e.g., notch issues, iOS swipe-back gesture etc.).
  • The possibility of a fully free personal license and free trial for commercial licenses.


Recommendations to others using the product:
  • Watch the free YouTube course Felgo offers!
  • You have the whole world of Qt at your hands when using Felgo. If you search for answers online, also search for Qt related answers and resources, you can use them with Felgo as well.
  • You can easily build apps without needing to know the entire framework. If you are a beginner, it might take a while to figure out the details, make sure to check out the examples all across the documentation!
  • Stick to QML and JavaScript for as much as possible, to speed up your development. If necessary at any point, or highly performance critical, it is super easy to integrate C++ with QML.


What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
  • I'm developing MVPs and complete apps in record time.
  • With Felgo on top, the Qt framework becomes much more powerful and allows me to turn around much more complex, time-consuming, multi-platform projects.
  • No matter what platform, there are rarely reasons not to consider Qt & Felgo for that.


We would like to take this chance to thank all our customers for their valuable feedback! If you find your own feedback in the list and would like to add something, or if you would like to give us new feedback, let us know at support@felgo.com

You are the best!