Felgo specializes in fast and high-quality mobile, desktop, and embedded application development by enhancing Qt with unique and useful tools, components and services. To help you find the best learning material for your Qt project, the Felgo YouTube channel offers a big video library with useful resources for Qt and Felgo developers.

If you'd like to maximize your Qt & QML  development techniques, there are plenty of new tutorials and on-demand videos available for you. Feel free to subscribe to our channel, and don’t forget to hit the YouTube bell to get notified of new videos.

To learn the know-how directly from the experts at Felgo, you can also join Qt Training and Workshops, or take advantage of Qt Consulting and Development Services.

Felgo on YouTube

The channel offers easy access to essential video resources and the most useful Qt & QML tutorials for beginners and advanced developers. If your goal is to become more efficient and productive in your app development, make sure to have a look at all the latest playlists and videos on the Felgo YouTube channel.


Online Courses, Webinars and Talks

For example, you have full access to the online video course Learn Qt and QML by creating cross-platform apps with Felgo. There are also many interesting webinars & talks from online events for you to explore. You can find a list of all the latest videos and all-time favorites further down in this post.

Felgo SDK and Tools Overview

See the Felgo SDK and Tools playlist to browse through a list of short introductions and demo videos about the different features of Felgo. This playlist is highly recommended if you would like to get an overview of the SDK and tools like QML Hot Reload.

Customer Success Stories

If want to see how Felgo’s customers have been using the products and services, the Success Story playlist is certainly for you. This video collection includes informative interviews and product showcases that you can browse through for your next Qt application.

Visit Felgo on YouTube

Develop Qt Quick Applications Efficiently

If you are an engineer who wants to improve your QML knowledge and efficiently develop scalable Qt Quick applications, you’d definitely find the QML/C++ Architecture Best Practices talk from Qt Dev/Des Days 2021 interesting.

The talk covers topics like: 

  • Best practices of Qt C++ and QML application architecture to scale Qt projects 
  • Separation of Model, View, and Logic Code in your Qt App using QML
  • Where to draw the line between C++ and QML
  • How to achieve well-structured QML projects and how to keep big projects with QML code clean and easy to maintain
  • Common QML mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to test QML code faster


This talk is a summary of the Advanced QML training from our professional services offer.

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Improve Your Productivity with Qt

If you are looking to improve your productivity with Qt on mobile, embedded or desktop devices,  you can do so by using the right tools throughout your app development lifecycle. This series of tutorials will walk you to the Felgo SDK and tools help you to create better applications in less time.


How to Boost Development Time for Embedded

Embedded development can be very time-consuming while you are building, deploying and testing your code. In this video, you’ll learn how you can take your development to the next level with the right Qt tools to support you.

Save time and start improving your application with the following solutions:


How to Build Modern Raspberry Pi Applications with Qt

If you choose to build an embedded application for the Raspberry Pi, this step-by-step guide is for you. It shows you how to easily build, deploy, and run embedded applications from within your favorite browser without installing any SDKs.


Felgo Webinars

Visit Felgo’s website and explore an extensive library of guides and white papers, as well as a great variety of on-demand webinars:

How to Develop Qt/QML Apps in Your Browser with Felgo Cloud IDE

The Felgo Cloud IDE is a web-based development environment for Qt and QML applications. You can access and edit your Qt projects from anywhere in the world, without installing anything on your computer as it runs right within your browser.  


To highlight some of the benefits, the Felgo Cloud IDE allows you to do:

  • Create or import Qt and Felgo projects.
  • See project files and open the source code for web editing.
  • Preview your app in the browser.
  • Connect test devices using Felgo Live.
  • See the device log for debugging.

Watch Full Webinar

Felgo Webinar: QML Hot Reload: the real-time revolution

Hot Reload with Felgo Live allows you to change your QML & JavaScript source code and view the result in realtime. It applies changes without losing the state of your application and lets you test your code instantly.


Benefits of using QML Hot Reload with Felgo Live:

  • It reduces deployment time, from several minutes to a couple of seconds
  • You can build your UI incrementally while navigating it at the same time
  • You can connect as many devices as you want

Watch Full Webinar


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