Developing innovative, fully-functioning, and cutting-edge applications while maintaining consistency throughout and beyond the development phases can be a great challenge. To overcome these challenges, you need to provide the users with exceptional features on both backend and frontend. Mastering the skills of UI/UX design, debugging, profiling, or code performance are just a few of the areas that could help you take your app development to the next level.

Through the online training courses and workshops, our team of experienced software engineers, project managers, programmers, Qt developers and DevOp engineers are dedicated to transferring their knowledge to you so you can create the best mobile, web, desktop or embedded application on the market. 

Each training and workshop is carefully planned and constructed by our experts to help you develop and market qualitative and successful applications. Our training sessions as well as our custom workshops are tailored to include a wide range of theoretical and practical learning material for both beginner and advanced level software engineers. From best practices of developing with Qt to technical, high-level QML programming skills, Felgo is here to help you scale your app development knowledge. Whether you are already a seasoned developer or plan to become a cross-platform app developer, there is a course for you. 

“The expert know-how, efficient knowledge transfer, high level of QML expertise & extensive experience were just a few of the reasons why we chose Felgo.” - Cristian from Telenav

Training to Create Beautiful Apps using Qt, QML & Felgo

Qt Training - Learn QML with Felgo

Felgo’s scheduled training sessions guarantee you the value and skill set you need to create beautiful apps in rapid time.

Getting Started with Qt/QML

This is an introductory course that covers the basics of Qt & QML. During this ongoing training, you can learn more about the ins and outs of the Qt framework and the benefits of using C++, QML and Python programming languages.

Register to the online class and master the skill of app development with Qt and QML.

  • Target Group: Developers new to Qt/QML and developers who want to refresh their Qt knowledge.
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of programming and code.

Getting Started with Felgo

If you would like to take your app development to the next level, we recommend you to sign up for the Felgo introductory online course where you can find out more about the framework and its role within the Qt ecosystem

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the Felgo framework and the features and tools it provides.

  • Target Group: Engineers new to Felgo or want to improve their Felgo skills.
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of programming and code. Basic knowledge of QML programming.

Advanced QML 

This lesson covers topics like how to separate model, view and logic code in your Qt project, and how to get the most out of QML with the right tools, like profiling and debugging. Our Qt experts will also share some best practices for Qt, performance tips, and hints on how to integrate native C++ with QML. 

Sign-up to enhance your productivity and software quality when working with QML.

  • Target Group: Engineers who want to improve their QML knowledge.
  • Prerequisites: Understanding and experience with the Qt SDK and C++/QML programming languages. Ideally, you have worked on a Qt project before joining this course.

How to develop an app on Android and iOS with Qt

This online training is tailored to help you learn everything you need to know about the ins and outs of multi-platform app development. In this online development course, you will gain a deep understanding of how to develop cross-platform mobile applications with Qt framework.

Sign up for the Qt training to widen the market reach for your mobile application.

  • Target Group: Engineers who want to develop cross-platform mobile apps with Qt.
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of programming and code. Ideally, you bring basic Qt and QML understanding. No previous experience with Android or iOS is needed.

How to create successful Qt applications

Developing an application is one thing but making it successful can be a challenge sometimes. In order to make a profitable Qt product, you will also need to know which tools to use to measure product success with key metrics and how to collect, analyze and improve your applications based on user feedback.

Enroll today to ensure that your application reaches its highest potential.

  • Target Group: Engineers and product managers working on a product with Qt.
  • Prerequisites: Programming skills are of advantage but not required.

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Customized Workshops for Professional Qt Developers


If you already have a team that has been developing with Qt for a while now but you feel like there is still room for improvement, you can also request custom-made workshops. Regardless of the challenge you face, the tailored workshops provide you and your team with professional support for mobile, embedded, web or desktop development.

Efficient Embedded Development with Qt

Choosing the right tool for your embedded app development will play a great role in the success of your product. During this workshop, Felgo shares its know-how on how to develop and test on desktop for embedded devices using Hot Reload to speed up the deployment process.

Attend the workshop if you would like to improve your embedded app development with Qt. 

  • Target Group: Qt/QML engineers and product managers  working on embedded projects.
  • Prerequisites: Understanding of the Qt SDK and an overview of embedded topics.

Network & Hardware Connectivity with Qt

This online workshop will help you set up the connectivity on your embedded devices. You can also choose to learn how to simulate your application on desktop. 

Sign up for our workshop to offer better network and hardware connectivity on your Qt project.

  • Target Group: Engineers working on a Qt project that connects with devices or sensors.
  • Prerequisites: Understanding and experience with the Qt SDK and C++/QML programming languages.

Qt Project Modernization

This workshop is designed to help you modernize your legacy Qt project by transitioning to the newest version of the framework. Based on your requirements, you can request to cover specific topics related to QML, C++ or Python programming language and the Qt framework.

Sign up to the online workshop to learn how to modernize your existing Qt project.

  • Target Group: Engineers working on a legacy project.
  • Prerequisites: Understanding and experience with the Qt SDK and C++/QML programming languages.

Extend your Qt Project to the Web with Qt for WebAssembly

Do you have an existing Qt application that runs both on Android and iOS devices? Why not port it to the web as well? During this workshop you can choose to learn about the WASM related topics. 

Enroll now to deepen your knowledge about Qt for WebAssembly and the Felgo feature.

  • Target Group: Engineers working on a Qt project that needs to be ported for the Web.
  • Prerequisites: Understanding and experience with the Qt SDK and C++/QML programming languages.

Automate Your Deployment Process with Qt Build Automation (CI/CD)

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) is developed to enable users to build and distribute apps with minimum effort and maximum speed. With this feature, you can, for example, integrate easily with code repositories, upload automatically to beta channels or the app stores, update your app more frequently, or deploy for iOS without a Mac.

Attend the CI/CD workshop and start automating your app development process right away.

  • Target Group: Product team engineers and DevOps engineers working with Qt.
  • Prerequisites: Understanding of the Qt SDK. Basic understanding of tooling and CI/CD processes.

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Additional App Development Resources: Watch Our Webinar

Qt training - Hot Reload Webinar

If you are still not fully convinced whether you should sign up for one of the training or workshop sessions, watch our free webinar on how to get started with app development and get a taste of what you can accomplish with Felgo.

We also included a quick rundown of the basics of QML, an easy-to-learn declarative language for outstanding UI/UX, and a live coding part showing how to develop a sample app.

Watch the Webinar

Create Mobile Apps with Qt & Felgo: Examples & Showcases

Curious what kind of apps can you create with the knowledge you gained at Felgo Trainings & Workshops? Here are a few mobile app examples that you can use to practice the skills or jump right in and start your app development.

Felgo provides open-source app examples for many topics, like the following showcases:

How to Build an App like Twitter: Social Feed App Example

Qt training - Twitter app example

Create an app like Twitter for Android and iOS with Qt and Felgo. Using the demo application and the knowledge you gain on the courses, you can simply build layouts, implement API, include navigation concepts and add the NavigationStack component within a root Navigation item.

Build an App Similar to Whatsapp: Messenger App Example

Qt training - Whatsapp Example

Access the source code from the showcase app and start developing an application just like the Whatsapp Messenger app. 

Create an App Just Like Waze: Maps & GPS App Example

Qt training - GPS app example

Creating a map and navigation app with Qt and Felgo is very simple. Unlocking Felgo’s map app example, you can easily see how it is built and use the example as a base for your next Qt project.

Build the Most Accurate Weather App: A Feature-rich Application Example

Qt training weather app

You can also have access to the knowledge and code of full-featured projects like the WTR - Weather Pro store app. If you need assistance with the development of your own application, you can freely request the Qt experts at Felgo to help you out in the development process or cover parts of your implementation with existing source code that can be customized. Felgo can provide solutions and demos for features like PDF, barcode scanning, Bluetooth and more.

Enter the Cross-Platform App Development World

If you would like to kick-off or scale your app development, feel free to contact Felgo’s team of experts or sign up for our training or workshops.


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