As an official Qt Technology and Qt Service Partner, Felgo is pleased to announce that we are participating in the QtDevCon 2022!  During the Qt Developer Conference, you will get a chance to meet and network with hundreds of Qt developers and gain new software development knowledge at the same time.

Tickets are limited and last-minute registration is not available, so be sure to purchase your ticket as soon as possible!

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About the Qt DevCon 2022

QtDevCon 2022 is coming to Berlin again! The conference is organized for software developers with a focus on building cross-platform applications with Qt. The goal of this event is to bring software developers of all fields of expertise and backgrounds together to share ideas and knowledge in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

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QML Hot Reload in Practice: How to improve review meetings for remote teams

Choosing the right UI&UX tool to create the perfect user experience for your project is challenging. As remote work becomes more popular, teams need the right tools to improve remote team collaboration and maintain efficient UX review meetings.

With QML Hot Reload, you can make code changes and see the result in real-time. The QML Hot Reload tool was built to help you save time by allowing you to review your code changes on all connected test devices, immediately after saving. This makes your remote UX review meetings more efficient, as it removes waiting times for building and deploying the application.

Join Alex, the CTO & Co-Founder of FELGO GmbH on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, when he will demonstrate how QML Hot Reload works and how to better collaborate with remote Qt development teams. This talk gives an exclusive look at how the Felgo consulting team handles remote UX review meetings and shows how QML Hot Reload helps to iterate on QML user interfaces.

In this talk, you learn about:

  • Challenges for remote teams
  • How to overcome gaps between design and development
  • Why QML and why Code Reload
  • Advantages of Hot Reload over Live Reload
  • How to review and improve code in realtime
  • Finally, how to make review meetings fun again!

Sign up for the upcoming Qt Developer Conference and join Alex on Wednesday, June 15, 2022!
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Qt Training, Workshops and Professional Services

If you missed the registration deadline or cannot make it to the Qt Developer Conference, you can also sign up for one of Felgo’s courses or workshops and learn directly from the experts. Felgo offers a variety of training opportunities and tailored Qt workshops based on your requirements and level of experience.

Browse through the upcoming training and workshops and become a master of Qt and Felgo. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Qt developer, you will find plenty of resources to maximize the success of your app.

Qt Training Courses you can choose from:

Book one of the exclusive Qt workshops for you and your team:

We also offer team training remotely or at your own site and one-to-one remote sessions via screen-sharing at your preferred date and time. Contact us for an individual offer.

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