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16 Sites to Download the Best Free Game Graphics (2021 Update)

If you need some free graphics for your game, where do you look? Browsing through tilesets, textures and sprites can take up a lot of your time, time that could be used improving your game. To [...]

Nov 1, 2019

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19 Best Websites to Download Royalty-Free Music For Games

Every game needs music. For some developers, game music is just as important as their characters, game sounds, story line or UI. But equipment can be expensive, and recording is a tricky [...]

Oct 1, 2019

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10 Best Pixel Art Software & Programs for Developers (2021 Update)

2D Sprites are the visual building blocks of almost all mobile games and the pixel art style that has become synonymous with video games is still a popular choice amongst game developers today. [...]

May 1, 2019

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Download Free Game Sound Effects - From 16 Best Websites

Every game needs great game music and sounds. We’ve put together a list ranking 16 of our favorite websites offering free game sounds to help you develop your next game. If you’re looking for [...]

Jan 1, 2019

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Card Games: Make the Most of User Retention & Loyalty

According to statistics released by the Flurry team, developers of mobile card games may be sitting on gold mines. Card games can be extremely lucrative. They have the highest retention rates of [...]

Jan 12, 2017

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Introducing the Improved Felgo Multiplayer Feature

Felgo Multiplayer is officially released. Following its successful beta release, you can now access Felgo Multiplayer when you update Felgo – even as a free user. This new feature can be [...]

Aug 4, 2016

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Create a Game Like Super Mario in Level Editor (Easy to use)

Level creation and balancing are two of the most time-consuming tasks in 2D game development. To effectively create content for their games, most developers implement their own, specialized [...]

Feb 11, 2016

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Mobile Game Development: 6 Techniques You MUST Know

Effective mobile game development is something you can strive for. The development process shouldn’t be a struggle. The process should be rewarding and help you to grow! These proven techniques [...]

Aug 4, 2015

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Create Qt 3D Games with Qt 5.5 & New Felgo Release

The new Qt release 5.5.0 adds a long desired feature: 3D support for Qt. The new Qt3D module allows 3D content within Qt applications. This is great news for all game developers, because 3D [...]

Jul 1, 2015

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Beta Testing Mobile Qt Apps & Felgo Games with HockeyApp

Testing your mobile game or app before releasing it to the app stores is a crucial task. Not only to find bugs but also to test the app’s user experience, balancing settings or just its [...]

Mar 25, 2015

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