What is QmlBook?

QmlBook is an online open-source book that guides developers through QML, its features, nuances and best practices. It’s a very powerful resource if you want to learn how to develop a Qt application from scratch or deepen your knowledge of Qt. It starts with a very gentle introduction to QML and gradually moves to advanced topics such as Multimedia, QtQuickControls, C++ integration and much more. Every chapter is accompanied by code and hands-on examples, so you can see the new components in action.

A New Felgo Chapter

Felgo is a cross-platform application development solution that extends Qt with more than 200 new APIs. With Felgo you can create mobile applications with a fraction of the code compared to standard Qt or competing solutions.

QmlBook- New chapter

We’re very proud to announce that Felgo is now featured in QmlBook in Chapter 8. Once you have mastered the basics of QML, you can start writing beautiful mobile applications with just a few lines of code. We’ll guide you through the initial setup and the implementation of a simple messaging application. You’ll learn how to:

  • Install the Felgo SDK with its tooling solutions
  • Write a simple hello world application
  • Implement a Navigation, which will look native on Android, iOS and Desktop platforms
  • Handle different screen sizes and densities
  • Use lists, pages and many other Felgo Components
  • Persist data to storage
  • Interact with the underlying operating system

Learn Felgo with QmlBook

Wait, There Is More!

In the meantime, you can also have a look at more advanced QML topics from QmlBook or have a look at some advanced Felgo examples that come with the SDK:

app examples - Develop app with Felgo

Regardless of whether you are a Felgo beginner or already an advanced Qt developer, you can also improve your skills with the Felgo Trainings, Workshops or Webinars.

The training sessions are carefully designed to offer you the best knowledge-sharing experience. Whether you’re just getting your hands dirty with cross-platform app development, or you are looking to scale your existing Qt/QML knowledge, the Qt experts at Felgo are ready to share their know-how with you. Each training is constructed to target a specific topic with a focus on providing a highly engaging and valuable learning experience. Choose the training that fits your needs the best; whether it’s advancing your QML skills, developing apps efficiently and effectively for multiple platforms, or reaching the highest potential of your Qt project. 

While the online courses focus on predefined topics, Felgo Workshops are tailored for your individual needs. The concept is very simple. You share your Qt, QML or Felgo specific challenges and Felgo helps you to tackle them. With the workshops, you’ll also get a designated, highly experienced Qt engineer who is at your service to provide full support on the topic you’d like to work on. 

You might think at this point that this is all great, but where would I fit the training or the workshop in my busy calendar? Don’t worry, we got you covered as well! Felgo also offers short webinars that you can attend live or download the recording and watch it later. All webinars are free of charge and are available on the website. Webinars also cater for all levels of Qt experience and provide in-depth insights about Felgo and its awesome features like QML Hot Reload.

Download Felgo


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