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Release 2.15.0: Qt 5.10, Qt Creator 4.5 & Firebase Additions

Felgo 2.15.0 adds support for Qt 5.10 and the latest Qt Creator 4.5. Qt 5.10 comes with many great features like Imagine Style for Qt Quick Controls 2 or language improvements for QML. Qt [...]

Jan 25, 2018

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Live Code Reloading with Native Plugins - Felgo 2.14.2

Felgo 2.14.0 introduced Felgo Live Code Reloading, which reduces your deployment time from minutes to seconds. Felgo 2.14.2 now adds support for using native cross-platform plugins with live [...]

Dec 6, 2017

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Use Live Code Reloading on macOS and Linux - V-Play 2.14.1

Felgo 2.14.1 adds Live Code Reloading Support for macOS & Linux Desktop. With this addition, Live Code Reloading now allows to run and reload your projects on iOS and Android from all desktop [...]

Nov 30, 2017

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Live Code Reloading for Desktop, iOS & Android - Felgo 2.14

Felgo 2.14.0 adds Live Code Reloading for Desktop, iOS & Android. It allows you to run and reload apps & games within a second on iOS and Android from Windows and Linux. No Mac and Android SDKs [...]

Nov 22, 2017

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Firebase Realtime Listeners & Designer Icons for Felgo & Qt

Felgo 2.12.2 adds support for Realtime Database Listeners to the Firebase Plugin, which allows your app to get notified whenever your data changes. In addition, the recently improved Qt Creator [...]

Aug 2, 2017

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Release 2.12.0: Qt 5.9 & Qt Creator 4.3 Support - Update Now!

Felgo 2.12.0 adds support for Qt 5.9 and the latest Qt Creator 4.3. Qt 5.9 adds many great features like support for gamepads and 3D key frame animations. Qt Creator 4.3 adds a much improved [...]

Jun 22, 2017

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Introducing the Improved Felgo Multiplayer Feature

Felgo Multiplayer is officially released. Following its successful beta release, you can now access Felgo Multiplayer when you update Felgo – even as a free user. This new feature can be [...]

Aug 4, 2016

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Felgo 2.8.0 - New Tutorial, Sample Game & App Examples

Felgo 2.8.0 adds a range of features to Felgo for both game and app developers. The biggest change is the addition of Qt 5.6.0, which was released on Wednesday. Besides the latest version of Qt, [...]

Mar 18, 2016

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Create a Game Like Super Mario in Level Editor (Easy to use)

Level creation and balancing are two of the most time-consuming tasks in 2D game development. To effectively create content for their games, most developers implement their own, specialized [...]

Feb 11, 2016

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Create Qt 3D Games with Qt 5.5 & New Felgo Release

The new Qt release 5.5.0 adds a long desired feature: 3D support for Qt. The new Qt3D module allows 3D content within Qt applications. This is great news for all game developers, because 3D [...]

Jul 1, 2015

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